Thursday, March 19, 2015

Victoria's Green Matters 19th March 2015

Deal With IT's Secretary Victoria Nicholls writes a regular column in the East Kent Mercury:

There is an important new campaign running at the moment called 'Keep it in the Ground' and this relates to leaving fossil fuels in the ground because burning them would cause catastrophic climate change.

The forthcoming climate summit in Paris will be the most important so far, as time is fast running out if we are to try and limit the world's temperature rise to 2°C. One of the most important subjects that will need to be discussed is hunger. Wheat and barley harvests are declining, caused by climate change. Although the effects are only just being felt, scientists have been warning of the consequences for thirty years. Within ten years many people from many nations could be subject to chronic food and water shortages. Modern agriculture destroys topsoil and together with overgrazing and drought our farmland is being degraded at an alarming rate. Land the size of a family farm is being abandoned every minute and food supplies are therefore threatened.

By 2100, the world could be home to 12 billion people. If we continue to burn fossil fuels at the rate we are, temperatures will have risen by 4°C and sea level rise will be about a metre. So less available land will be expected to provide even more food for more people and we are looking at a conflict ridden world.

Of course, solutions exist to these problems but they are not easy ones. We need global co-operation and a resolution to 'Keep it in the Ground'.

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