Saturday, September 5, 2015

Support community bid for Green Energy in Deal

Please vote to kick start a project that aims to put solar PV on Betteshanger Welfare and Social Club and support more community energy work for people living in and around Mill Hill. 

It’s all down to who wins the most votes and we are lagging in third place at the moment – way behind the lead who has 300 + votes.

Come on Deal – let’s show them that we are a community that gets things done!

We support communities to own and control both the use and the generation of energy. We do this in two ways: 1. We train local energy champions to City & Guilds Level 1 Introduction to Energy in the Home. These champions then assist at outreach events to encourage people to review their energy bills and to switch energy providers. Working with vulnerable consumers, we identify people who are still on standard tariffs and who can save an average of £200 on their bill. At the same time, we are able to talk about energy-efficient retrofit measures. We have built a 300 strong cluster of local SMEs who are involved in energy efficiency ( insulation, cavity wall, renewables) and our aim is to have our energy champions make referrals to these local installers. We are also building a partnership with local credit unions to find attractive financing options for people to upgrade their homes. 2. Community-owned renewable energy projects. We are drawing on the expertise of Community Energy South to create share offers for community owned energy in Kent. We offer peer mentoring from groups who have been there and done it. We aim to support 10 to 15 groups across Kent over the next three years.

On local energy matters, we built our reputation by offering home surveys, using a thermal camera, running energy fairs and training unemployed women to be local energy champions. We’re successful at winning funding and have helped thousands of people save money on their energy bills. Our network covers all sectors: voluntary groups; housing associations, local authorities; health organisations; SMEs and local large businesses. We are collaborative and make very good partners in projects. Small enough to be flexible, we are open-minded about overlaps. Our directors’ extensive experience includes finance, large corporates, local government, voluntary sector and small business. Our solutions offer financial sustainability, eg community-owned energy. We offer a return on investment and we include all sections of our community. We collaborate, thinking about the needs of our partners. Our approaches are refreshingly progressive - all working towards a common and greater good. Local people are excited about what we do and they like that we are part of the local community. We have told an energy story in a way that makes sense to people and which gives them confidence that we can drive forward positive local change. We are willing to support and grow projects and then let committed, well-trained communities take charge.

This community owned energy project will • Bring energy savings to a group of community buildings in the heart of a deprived community. • Create a community owned asset with a community fund to finance continuation of energy champion training, a community tariff and energy efficiency measures identified, installed and financed through local organisations. • Give our community leverage for future grants and project funding Eg Big Lottery funding or EU projects and build on the pride and empowerment that comes from a community taking charge of its own future.

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