Sunday, April 23, 2017

Deal Hop Farm: Late April email

Twiddling Workshops at the Landmark

We have four hops ready for twiddling at the Landmark Garden so have setup a couple of quick pop-up workshops on Saturday 22nd and 29th April.

These will start at 11:30am and last no more than 15minutes.

We will organise a few more in May as and when the plants are ready.

Twiddling your hops is not difficult and you don't need to come to a workshop to do it. These are for a bit of reassurance and an opportunity for some social hop chat.

We have posted quick guide to twiddling on the website click here

Tee Shirts

We will have the next batch of tee-shirts available at the 29th April so will be running a stall in the Landmark Garden between 11am to 12:30. Tee Shirts are £10 each – Softspun Fruit of Loam in standard and ladies fit.

Growing Stuff

We have had feedback from 71 of our 128 gardens.  About 67% report that they have growth above the ground and about 4% have even twiddled their plants. Two weeks ago this was only at a 50% level.

Should you worry if you have not seen any new growth? Not at the present

We have close contact with about 22 rhizomes at the Landmark, Station Garden and some we held back as we were concerned about them during the distribution stalls in March.

Many of these have had to be moved or repotted over the last 4 weeks – all the ones that we have had to do this too showed good root growth and considerable shoot growth underground despite not showing any indication above ground. Both the roots and shoots at this stage are very delicate so would not recommend people ‘having a look’.

Also be aware they are not always well behaved on where the shoots pop-up. I found one small purple bud a good foot away from where I thought the crown had been planted

Things are quite dry at the moment so we would recommend a weekly water if in the ground. Containers need a little more checking – check how moist the compost is about 2-3inches below the surface and perhaps water a little but more often.

We will be doing a full survey of people’s plants at the end of May.

Please let us know of any activity either will a email or FB posting per trip

Any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us

Visits to the Brewery

Ripple Steam have offered us some visits to see the brewery and talk people through the brewing process. These will be in June and July and will be limited to 12 people per trip.

We hope to details during May.

Organisation Group

Next Organisation Group meeting is Wednesday 31st May 6:30pm at the Just Reproach.

NB: there is limited seating in the pub so a few of us will be standing – so not a long meeting!

We will be doing a separate email reporting back from last Thursday’s Organisation Meeting.

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