Monday, September 14, 2020

Deal Litter Diary - One 10th September #DealLitterDiary

Welcome to my world! September 10th, 8 weeks in of my new outdoor hobby, and I scour the Ancient Highway – again. As time passes and the vegetation changes, I find bottles, cans, packets, wrappers that I’ve missed – they reveal themselves. Quick! Pick them up before the wind claims them and they get carried to the sea!

Today I’m on foot – my bike’s being serviced. Bags 1 and 3 get sorted at Chequers, and agreed by the Manager, I tip my load into their recycling bins. 

But bag 2, filled by the time I get to Restharrow, is an issue. It’s too heavy. I hitchhike – not for me, for the rubbish. Within minutes a van stops and my knight in shining armour happily takes the nearly overflowing bag onto his passenger seat. I tell him where to drop it off so I can sort its contents. When I get to North Deal Community Park, there it is at the entrance.

Every little helps.


Helen C

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