Grow Deal

'Grow Deal' is our theme of food related projects in the town. 

All of these have at its heart the focus of fostering 'local food'; whether growing your own in a container, garden, community garden, alottment or in a small holding.

It also covers 'remembering' skills at a community level we use to have: growing veg, looking after chickens or bees, preserving
foods in gluts and being able cook local fresh food for cheap meals which are healthy and taste good.

  • Local food means less food miles and less carbon. 
  • It also means fresher and better quality food which is good for our health. 
  • It can also mean a stronger local economy and local jobs. 
  • But it can also means a stronger community that is sharing skills, produce and having fun together.

If you are interested in any of our projects or are keen to get started on something in own garden or street or neighbourhood then please get in touch.

Our Current projects are:

Deal Station Garden
Working with SE Railway 'Adopt a Station' Scheme. We have raised money from donations for five large planters which are planted with herbs and veg.

Not suitable for children
Contact Roisin at - 01304 365234
Landmark Community Garden
Meets Wednesday afternoon and Saturdays mornings. 
All welcome
Contact Vicki at or 01304 - 381 849

Deal Garden Share
We match people who have a garden and cannot maintain it with those without a garden who want to grow food. Produce is shared between grower and sharer.

We especially welcome growers as we always have more offers of gardens
Contact Steve at or 01304- 372673

 Big Deal Chicken Count 

We run an bi-annual 'Big Deal Chicken Count' to see how many people are keeping chickens in their gardens and run a number of 'Open Chicken Runs' where people can see how easy it is to care for chickens & how rewarding it is in eggs and chicken love!

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