Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Transition Towns Film ...

We had a showing of the new film on the Transition Towns movement 'In Transition 1.0' at our March Monthly meeting (at DealAbility 4th Tues each month). A great film, very informative, not preachie and really showed the diversity, depth and energy that has been unleashed since the movement started in 2006.

We need to start the debate locally whether this is a route we want Deal to go down. The film is great 'openner' for those discussions & action. We own a copy of the film and we want it to be used. We will be using it again in our meetings but we need you to use it too.

Do you fancy running a 'home meeting' for friends & neighbours; are you a member of another organisation or a teacher/student which would be interested in showing it at you school/college? If so please contact us asap at

For more info on the Transition Movement:

You can watch the film online as well but its 40mins long

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  1. We need to adapt. Take a look at this article The Great Transition: