Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Report back on Thanet Fairtrade Island....

World Food day and Climate Change Conference 
Fairtrade Island Thanet “United Against Hunger”
From the Hall full of varied stalls of both local and National/International associations and groupings to the platform of varied speakers, this was a great day out.

Organised with great flair by Tammy Stewart-Jones of Fairtrade it was both informative and enjoyable, and deserved to have had a much larger attendance.

Lucy Siegle chaired the conference with a light touch; the eight speakers included Laura Vicery, International Development adviser to the Co-operative, Toby Quantrill of the Fairtrade Foundation, Duncan Williamson of WWF, May Kidd of Associated Countrywomen of the world, Dr Julian Oram of the World Development Movement, Robert James of Thanet Earth, and Laura Sandys MP for Thanet (nice to hear an MP who really gets Climate Change).

A wide range of views and not a dud amongst them!
If you have any interest at all in food (and the refreshments were excellent too) you must put October 16th in your diary for next year now!

Thank you Rosemary for your report

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