Thursday, September 29, 2011

Camp Frack could be staged in Kent, say protesters

From the Your Deal online newspaper:

"Climate activists who staged ‘Camp Frack’ in Lancashire as part of a mass protest against hydraulic fracking have refused to rule out similar action in Kent.

The campaigners said there was “every possibility” protests would be staged if tests for coal in Woodnesborough, near Sandwich, led to the controversial extraction method, which involves firing high-pressure liquid into rocks to force gas out.

The process was blamed for sparking earthquakes near Blackpool earlier this year and is believed to pose a threat of contamination to ground water supplies.

Last weekend, around 150 people set up camp in Lancashire in protest against moves by company Cuadrilla Resources to drill 3.5km deep to extract shale gas. 

A similar planning application by Welsh company Coastal Oil and Gas Ltd has been submitted to Kent County Council to drill an exploratory borehole in land at Woodnesborough.

Although director of the firm Gerwyn Williams stressed it was a simple test of the coal, activists fear the activity will lead to hydraulic fracking if gas is found in shale rock at the site.

Phil Thornhill, national co-ordinator for Campaign Against Climate Change, said the group was waiting on the planning decision, which is expected next month ....." read more here

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