Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DWI Recycle meeting 27th Sept

We had Brian Rumbelow from Dover District Council to speak to engaged audience of about twenty tonight at the Deal With It monthly meeting on the Council's new collection and recycling contract.

There has been a lot local comment on the scheme which has been understandably focussed on the practicalities of the 'wheelie bin' rather than the positive step to reduce our waste going to landfill. Brian gave us some good information on the positive recycling levels achieved in Shepway (it is a joint contract with DDC) in the last few weeks.

A lively set of  questions on the scheme and how we need to go beyond just recycling and look at reuse 'waste' and reduce our consumption. See details at DDC website

Amber Bytheway also spoke on her national petition campaign to stop the use of plastic bags and what happening locally - she is approaching several of the large supermarkets to take up her initative (if you have not signed please follow the link here)

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