Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rio Earth Summit

In just under a week world leaders will gather for the Rio Earth Summit -- it's the biggest environmental conference in 20 years, and the UN is giving us the chance to put a proposal on the actual agenda for world leaders to discuss, but we have to vote by Thursday night.
 Avaaz has submitted a proposal which has made it onto the top-100 list of recommendations that can now be voted by the public -- a plan to phase-out nearly $1 trillion in fossil fuel subsidies and invest them into a green future. If we make it to the top ten, world leaders will have to address it at the summit. For too long these gatherings have led to inaction and broken promises, but this time we can force international leaders to confront the indefensibility of one of the foremost causes of climate change -- fossil fuel subsidies. The deadline ends this Thursday night at midnight New York time. We’re sending this to some of the most active Avaaz members – let’s take 30 seconds now to vote and win! Click on the link below to vote now: Many proposals are on the table for the world's biggest environment summit in 20 years, but experts say one plan has the biggest chance for victory -- getting world leaders to end the nearly $1 trillion in subsidies that they hand out to dirty oil, coal and gas. It'll be a huge win for the planet -- it would level the energy playing field overnight, spurring a worldwide surge in clean energy. In the next week, bureaucrats from oil and coal-sponsored countries will try their best to delete any text in the negotiations referring to fossil fuel subsides. But this public vote gives us the upper hand, potentially allowing us to bypass the complicated negotiations and taking our issue straight to the discussion agenda of the heads of state. People power is on the march -- let's not waste the opportunity that the UN has given us to dictate the agenda for the biggest environmental summit in decades. Click below and vote now:

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