Thursday, June 21, 2012

Trains4Deal news

Last month we asked your opinion on possible timetable changes for the three direct HS trains from Deal and Sandwich in the mornings in the Dec 2012 timetable: should they drop the 05.56 in favour of a new 07.26?

Your detailed feedback resulted in KCC signing a contract with Southeastern to pay for the first 3 trains to run as now (05.56, 06.24 and 06.56). On balance it was felt important that the core of regular travellers on the early trains should be able to rely on those services continuing while numbers built up.

But your replies did show strong evidence of demand for that new 07.26 service to arrive at St Pancras at 08.49.

Your observations via Trains4deal on how useful this later train would be persuaded Southeastern to consider running this 4th morning train as well, as a commercial service. They say "subject to costs we'll also look to operating an additional 07.21 departure from Sandwich".

Hope that's good news! ....and of course we'll need your continuing support as we work towards getting a full service included in the new franchise

best wishes,

Tom Rowland / Ian Killbery
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