Monday, July 16, 2012

Tidal Power at Ramsgate Port ?

Blue Energy: Opportunities for Ports from Wave and Tidal Energy

Posted on 5th July 2012
The Port of Ramsgate hosted a Blue Energy Workshop on the 22nd of June looking at the opportunities that are emerging in the wave and tidal industries.

The renewables share of the energy mix in Europe is set to rise to 34% by 2020. Renewable development is taking place in all Member Sates in the EU and the next round of European funding, Horizon 2020, has secured 6.5 billion Euros in order that research and innovation can be explored in clean and efficient energy.

This workshop explored technological advancements in the less talked about area of wave and tidal energy and considered the skills that are needed by this growth sector. Thanet College gave an overview of plans for their Centre for Environmental Technologies and details were given of the DeltaStream device and the Pulse Stream Generator, both designed to capture energy from the water. Many other innovative designs exist for capturing wave and tidal energy and ports play a key part in their future.

Laura Sandys MP, speaking at the event, stated that the key to the success of this industry lies in the development of the skills, a simplification of the planning process and the consistency of the incentives schemes.

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