Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DWI Spring Events roundup

20th March Thursday - Free Films at the Pines Calyx. 7:30pm Occupy Love. We do have a couple of cars going so please let us know if you want a lift. info@dealwithit.org.uk

21st March Friday - Deal Station Garden. Our new planters arrive at 9:30am so if you have some time please contact Alan on 01304-389553

Every Saturday - Landmark Community Garden from about 10:30-1pm. New volunteers always welcome. Please contact Steve 01304 372673 or Imogen Landmark@dealwithit.org.uk if you want to help.

22nd March & 29th March Saturday 10am-12pm. The Big Dig.
We are trying to transform the waste ground on the Ramsgate side of Deal Rail Station into a mini-meadow.

We need to clear the ground of annual weeds and need some volunteers for both sessions. We will need lots of willing hands to do this - so please do see if you can spare some time.

We will have some tools but please bring your-own (folks, spades, racks) if you have them and gloves. We have already done a small triangle in the Car park and are working on the waste ground in front of Deal telephone exchange.

The idea is to transform these eyesores into a bee & wildlife friendly areas, make them attractive but also as we are using a poppy mix to remember the 10m dead of WW1. Please contact Steve if you can help info@dealwithit.org.uk

30th March Sunday - East Kent Transition Gathering at Whitstable Steamwalk Community Garden 2pm. First get-to-together of 2014 the transition groups in Whitstable, Faversham, Canterbury, Hythe, Folkestone, Thanet and Deal. We have a couple of cars going so if interested contact info@dealwithit.org.uk

5th April & 12th April Saturday 10-12pm Deal Station Garden group. First Saturday need volunteers to help soil-up the new planters we have. The second is the planting day. Please contact Sarah or Alan station@dealwithit.org.uk 01304-389553.

9th April Wednesday 11am & 7:30pm Films at the Pines Calyx - Project Wild Thing

Beach Cleans - the end of April/May is the Marine Conservation Society's Beach Watch event so a lot are clustered together

26th April  Saturday - Kingsdown Conservation society have one at Kingsdown Beach from 10:30am at the Zetland.

30th April Wednesday - M&S corporate one at Deal Pier 10am.

4th May Sunday - 9am DWI one meet at Deal Pier (we will do the bits that the Weds one does not do). Wendy & Sue Organising

17th May Saturday - Canterbury Eco-Fest (DWI Stall)

24th May Saturday 11am-1pm Deal Seedy Saturday @ the Landmark Community Garden. Seed & plant Swap. Imogen & Tracy organising landmark@dealwithit.org.uk

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