Saturday, March 8, 2014

Nice weather so full speed at the community gardens in Deal ..

With today's lovely weather the town seemed to come alive again and so too with our local food projects at the Deal Station Garden and Landmark Community Garden

Our team around the Deal Station Garden are preparing to expand the planters on the platforms in April.

Today they were doing a bit of meadow making in the car park - an unloved bit of land in the station car park was cleared in preparation for a planting in a couple of weeks a poppy field meadow to make it more bee friendly, brighten up an eye-sore and remember WW1.

We hope to do this elsewhere in the town - so if you know of spots please let us know at

Meanwhile at the Landmark Community Garden Imogen and Steve (assisted by our youngest volunteer Wilf) made good in-roads in preparing the front beds for planting. Imogen's home made woven raised bed is looking really good.

The Deal Station Gardeners can be contacted at and the Landmark at

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