Friday, September 28, 2018

Deal Rail Station Clean-Up Crew meet local rail bosses

The Deal Rail Station Garden's Clean-Up Crew as well as giving the station area a good clean on Thursday also meet with local representatives from both National Rail, South Eastern and Salisbury's.

The Clean-Up Crew is a spin off from the Deal Station Garden which manages the edible garden on the Platforms since 2012 has come together now 4 times over the last three months to blitz rubbish and the 'unloved' feel of the station.

The Station is increasingly the town's gateway and the first impression of the town is not always good

The key areas of concern raised at a positive meeting:
  • Rubbish on the tracks. National Rail only clean the tracks twice a year. Next one is due on 9/11. We have pointed out they have closed the lines several times in the last month and could have used the opportunity to clear the tracks.
  • Bins at the Station. SouthEastern have promised to look at putting more sea-gull proof into the station and increasing the number/location of them. They will also look for more cigarette bins by the entrances 
  • Lighting on the Ramsgate side to London Rd. Both are going to look at options for this, as several passengers have reported to us how unsafe they feel now its getting darker in the evenings
  • The Tri-angle of scrub (The Old Station Masters House location) to bridge/London Rd. This is becoming a rubbish magnet as well as the overgrown brambles effecting the platforms/walk way
  • Water points on the Ramsgate side so we could expand the gardening options there.
  • Anti-Social Behaviour at the Station
  • Supporting the bid to Upgrade the track bridge to a full disabled access one
  • Upgrading the Station Status as this has a impact on staffing levels & coverage times

We have started to tidy up the meadow area - this should be completed in the next two weeks and we will be painting the planters  in October.

Next Deal Station Clean up is on the 11th October.

We are also meeting for a drink & chat in The Bar on 8th October at 7:30pm - All Welcome

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