Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Dover Bee keeping course feb 2019

What to get started in bee keeping well Dover Beekeepers have a introduction course starting in Feb 2019.

Beginners’ Beekeeping Course 2019

1 Pond End Cottages, London Road, Temple Ewell, Dover CT16 3DQ

This is a course of six two hour theory sessions starting February 11th 2019 at 7.00pm.

It is for people who have just started beekeeping or who want to find out more before getting their own bees. Topics covered will include equipment, siting your apiary, the life of a colony, the beekeeper’s year and pest and disease control and prevention.

Students will be encouraged to join their own beekeeping branch/association.

Tutor: Rob Philpott
01304 820371 / 07545127604

Fee £50

Subject Topics

Feb 11th Equipment Parts of a hive
Bee space
Tools and clothing
Natural history Queens, workers and drones
Individual life cycles
Basic anatomy
Function of queen, drones and workers
Age related duties of workers

Feb 18th Beekeeping year March, April, May
Golden rules of colony inspection
Swarms Reasons for swarms
Swarm prevention
Swarm control
Swarm collection
Bee dances

Feb 25th Extraction of honey Types of extractor
Clearing supers
Making frames

Mar 4th Diseases Hygiene

Brood diseases and their control
Adult diseases
Statutory requirements
Good apiary practice

Mar 11th Beekeeping year June to February
Summer extraction
Feeding for winter
Dealing with varroa and pests

Mar 18th Obtaining bees Use of smoker
Opening a hive
Use of hive tool
Setting up the apiary Handling frames
Monitoring the conditions
Identifying eggs, larvae, sealed brood
Recognising healthy brood
Uniting colonies Closing a hive
Making a nucleus

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