Sunday, February 21, 2010

Deal With IT - Green Energy Forum 20th March - Landmark Centre 2pm

Deal With IT have organised a Green Energy Forum at 2pm on Saturday 20th March at the Landmark Centre, High Street, Deal Kent CT14 6BB

Come along and find out how you can have cheaper and greener energy in your home!
This meeting will aim to provide a fund of information to anyone interested in domestic renewable energy, especially those currently considering what they themselves would like to install.
You will find out what the options are, how much they are likely to cost, what you will save, and also how you can do it all yourself and save even more money!
Steve Plater, a PhD student at the Energy & Environment Research Unit of the Open University, specialises in the production of solar electricity and will explain all the options available for domestic use.
Jack Domane, a retired design engineer, will explain to those with the necessary skills how they can make their own solar panels at much less cost.   
Hannah Jones, a representative from ‘Eternal Energy’, will be on hand with a mobile display unit which will illustrate some solar technology for the home.

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