Monday, December 12, 2011

Stop fuel poverty - FOE

Letter from FOE

This Christmas around 150.000 households in The South East will be in Fuel Poverty that is why politicians are being urged to get tough on the big 6 energy companies.

90% of Brits are backing our call for a public inquiry into their power bills and half believing the main reasons for bills doubling since 2004 is energy company greed. According to the recent Friends Of The Earth Survey.

Martin Lewis, creator of has joined our calls for politicians and regulators to make "radical changes" to the energy system following Octobers summit where The Government failed to tackle the energy rip-off.

Friends Of The Earths Final Demand Campaign is challenging The Government to launch a Public Inqury into the power of the big 6 who are making billions in profits while at least 1 in 4
households are struggling to afford their energy bills following recent price rises. Also recent figures show complaint about the big 6 have risen by 25%.

FOE are asking people to sign our petition at demand. The Government is cosying up to the energy companies instead of calling time on the big 6 market stitch-up. The big 6 are making billions by keeping The UK hooked on expensive imported fuels instead of setting us on a path to more affordable clean British energy to afford
Stuart Cox
Group Coordinator
East Kent FOE

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