Thursday, September 19, 2013

Trains4Deal Meeting

Tom Rowland of T4D
A packed emergency meeting at the Bohemian, called at short notice by Train4Deal, tonight heard about the threat to the HS1 service to Deal next March.

The original deal financially supported by KCC was cover the HS1 trains stopping at Deal and Sandwich to the period to March 2014 when the franchise was due to end.

However after the debacle of the re-franchise of West Coast earlier this year the Government announced an extension of all franchises by 6 months to Oct 2014.

As the HS1 service to Deal and Sandwich was not part the original franchise the service could stop in March as no one KCC - SE Rail - Government had 'minded the gap'.
Cllr Ian Killbery from T4D

The loss of the service would greatly impact of economic well being of the town: commuters, many who have moved to Deal specifically because of the service, townsfolk who need access to the capital and as a gateway for tourists and visitors which brings money into the town economy supporting local employment & services for all.

Please get on to the T4D website to see their detailed business case which not only protects the existing service but also extends daytime, weekend and services for the Discovery Park.

We need to act now. 

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