Friday, August 15, 2014

Deal Station Garden gets a new apple tree....

You may know that a few months ago, our Crab Apple Tree that we planted in the waste land area in the car park of Deal Rail Station was vandalised.

We had planted as part of our pop-up meadow to commemorate the outbreak of WW1 and to brighten up a neglected part of our town.

We were obviously very disappointed by this. However local resident Norma and especially her son Lance were hopping mad. Lance took this up with the managers of his employer Serco in Canterbury and asked if they could help.

Today we saw the result, as we took their donation of a five year old tree with professional tree guard with a free install from three members of serco Canterbury David, Mick and Steve. It was great to see Norma out to inspect their great work.

David Austin, Grounds Manager for Serco, said

“The Serco team in Canterbury are proud to be supporting a project that has seen the transformation of a wasteland into a vibrant poppy meadow. This year is particularly poignant as the country marks the centenary of the start of WWI. We hope that the gesture of a replacement crab apple tree will restore the site to its full glory for the local community and visitors to enjoy.” 

 We are very grateful for the support from Serco and especially to Lance and Norma who felt so passionate about what we were trying to achieve. A great example real community garden in action

Thank also to Emily from the EKM for the photo ....

The tree is a Malus Ischonoskii for the tree geeks :)

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