Friday, January 27, 2017

Kent Wildlife Trust gets funding for Kent's Coast

Great news that Kent Wildlife Trust has won funding for its Guardians of Deep project around Kent's Coast

Guardians of the Deep: £446,100 grant

The Guardians of the Deep is a three-year project that aims to engage communities, businesses and visitors by raising awareness of marine habitats and promoting an active and ongoing guardianship role to protect them for the future. Almost the entire Kent coast falls within a Marine Protected Area (MPA) and will feature eleven Marine Conservation Zones by 2018. Kent’s marine habitats are considered at threat from the fishing industry, invasive species, pollutants and regression of coastal defences.

The project will be run by Kent Wildlife Trust in partnership with Thanet District Council, Medway Council, and Kent County Council and will divide the coastline into three sections – the White Cliffs of Dover (from Folkestone to Deal), North East Kent (from Deal to Whitstable), and Medway and Swale. It will comprise five key activities which will involve 60,000 people in marine awareness activities:

Coastal guardians –360 community champions will run marine events and identification surveys to be shared with coastal heritage protection bodies

Undersea explorers – workshops will be held with young people raising awareness of marine habitats, water safety, and snorkelling skills

Wild beach – a programme of coastal learning activities for 60 schools and youth groups covering geology, biology, social history and the value of marine heritage

Coastal connections – a digital campaign aimed at reaching up to 150,000 members of the public

Coastal Citizen Science – volunteers will be trained in survey and species recognition and 60 ‘coast-busters’ will deal with non-native species identified

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