Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Deal Hop Farm - Results of 1st Beer Name

Mark Robson presents Sophie Chadwick

We had the results of the poll for our first beer tonight at the Deal Hop Farm meeting at the Just Reproach.

We had a long list of 25 names and 93 of our members voted. No one selection got more than 10% of the vote.

We took the first three position nominations to Ripple Steam (RSB) for the final decision - this included 8 names for the shortlist:

Shingle Shore                                          Roisin Murray
Deal Ale                                                  Michael Wyatt
Deal Green Hop Beer                              Liz Harding
Deal with the Devil                                 Gill & Simon Beechey
DHF No1                                                 Graham Bush
Goodwin Gold                                         Philippa Butler
Real Deal Beer                                        Cathy Tyce
Hopping M.A.D (Made Around Deal)    Sophie Chadwick

The Decision of Judges at RSB was to go for Hopping M.A.D (Made Around Deal) – so Congratulations to Sophie in Sandwich who was awarded the display set of new 3 bottled beers from Ripple Steam (ours will be the fourth!)

All the runner ups on the shortlist will receive two bottles for their suggestions. The Judges gave some great feedback on the names suggested and were impressed in people’s creativity.

I will contact all the runners up in the next couple of days. Next step is the design of the bottle label which we need to complete by the end of June.

Thank you everyone who participated from the Deal Hop Farm and our colleagues at Ripple Steam

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