Monday, August 21, 2017

Guardians of Deep - Deal Beach Walk Bank Holiday Monday 28th 11am

Deal With It is working with the Kent Wildlife Trust's coastal protection project ' Guardian of the Deep' to gain knowledge, monitor and care for our stretch of the coast.

The project aims to involve local communities, businesses and visitors by raising awareness of marine habitats and promoting active and ongoing guardianship role to protect Kent’s coastal and marine wildlife for the future. Almost the entire Kent coast falls within a Marine Protected Area (MPA). Kent has six Marine Conservation Zones and the possibility of five more by 2018. Kent’s marine habitats are considered at threat from unsustainable and damaging fishing practices, invasive species, pollutants and increasing levels of recreational disturbance.

The activities within the project will raise awareness of the wildlife importance of these areas and involve volunteers in helping to protect them and promote their enjoyment.
We are going to do a regular Deal Beach Ramble (from the Pier to Walmer Castle) to see what we can find and identify on the beach.

Meet up at the Deal Pier at  low water - 11am on Bank Holiday Monday

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