Sunday, January 7, 2018

Deal With It Annual Gathering Sat 13th Jan - 'How can we make Deal Plastic free?'

Deal With It has its annual gathering on Saturday 13th January between Noon and 2pm at the Cleary Hall at the Landmark Community Centre, High St Deal. All are Welcome

As well as looking back on what we have achieved in last year it is a good opportunity to focus on what people want to work on to make Deal a sustainable town.

As well think most AGMs are fairly boring we are organising our gathering around the medium of Soup - We thought we would have a working lunch will two veggie home made soups, tea and cakes (all supplied by the revamped Landmark Café) to help the ideas flow!

All free but contributions welcome on the day and we would appreciate people booking using this link 
(so we don't run out)

The theme we selected is 'How can we make Deal a Plastic Free Town' - the idea is for us to discuss practical initiatives we can take forward in the town.

We are looking at things like the Refill project (promoting where people can refill their own bottles rather than use single use plastic bottles), Supporting the Plastic Bottle deposit scheme, DDCs recycling & reducing litter and wider initiatives in how individuals and businesses can reduce their plastic use.

Hope you can make it

(ps. if you have specific dietary needs please let us know in advance)

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