Saturday, December 5, 2020

A Deal Litter Diary #12 24th November 2020


I'm learning a lot about plastic: its versatility, durability, pliability, transparency, lightness - how many more abstract nouns can I apply to this awesome material?!

Aldi's patriotic bag fails to burst as I cram in 100s of bits of litter - over 90% of which are plastic - picked from just some of North Deal's streets last week.

Just as I think it's impossible to squeeze another wafer-thin fragment of film into the Union Jack carrier, I manage to slide the sliver in.

Emptying it is almost an act of artistic beauty: the colours - bright, shiny, twinkly. The sound - crisp, crackly, tinkly. Seasons Greetings. There will be tons more to pick up after the 25th.

Helen C


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