Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kent Green Party slams rails cost rise

Kent Green Party rejects suggestions of a commitment to deal with Climate Change on the part of the Coalition Government as it seriously considers rail fare rises of up to 10%(1). Steve Dawe comments:

"The Coalition Government is clearly divided on Rail fares. Our rail fares, already the highest in the world(2), have been regulated so that they rise at the inflation rate plus 1%. The Coalition is, as usual, squabbling – in this case about making the 1% on the regulated fares – such as season tickets – 2% and up to 10% on other fares. The previous Government already added a third to the cost of buying a Network Rail card, making the minimum fare £13 rather than the previous £10. We have already seen how excessive fares on Eurostar led to reduced services at Ashford, and how new fast services in Kent have already been cut due to high ticket prices leading to low levels of passengers.

“Since Kent has the new distinction of being the part of the country with the worst levels of greenhouse gas emissions (2), we need real environmental leadership from Government.

“Kent Green Party rejects the idea that this Coalition Government is serious about tackling Climate Change, air pollution or noise from traffic. In order to do this, rail fares must become cheaper.

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