Thursday, September 9, 2010

Farmers Markets work - Whitstable Transition Town

From our colleagues in Transition Town Whitstable:
Whitstable Farmers’ Market
"Results of a Market Research Survey carried out by the Plunkett Foundation “Making Local Food Work” together with National Farmers' Retail & Markets Association (FARMA) has shown some interesting facts and figures for Whitstable Farmers’ Market. Shoppers were asked a series of questions such as how often they attend, how they heard about the market, how much they spend and what else they were doing in Whitstable on Market days.
In total, the market averages an annual value of between £94,000 and £135,000. All of this money stays in the local economy, within 30 miles of Whitstable. This increases the wealth of our whole district, because that money is then much more likely to be spent in the local are. In contrast to this, profit made by Supermarkets goes to the shareholders, who may be anywhere in the world.
As well as this, the market brings people into Whitstable to shop at the local shops. Of the 777 of people who came to the market on the day of the survey 74% of shoppers were doing other shopping in the town, and 64% of the 777 came to the town centre because of the market. This shows that the Farmers’ Market is truly supporting our High Street as well as the outlying rural economy.
Very unusually, 31% of shoppers first heard about the market through word of mouth. This shows what a fantastic community we still have!

We would like to thank the loyal customers to the market in Whitstable - 43% of shoppers come every time. 28% of the shoppers said they would like more choice of local produce.
One of our key aims is to promote and support local food businesses. We are always looking for new stalls and would like to ask if anyone has any new ideas for a local food business; we can provide a first step outlet. For example, we don’t have anyone selling home made chocolate at the moment, and our lovely organic soap maker is about to move away from the area! "

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