Friday, September 10, 2010

Trains4Deal: Local Councils asking for your opinion

From our colleagues in Trains4Deal - "Please help by telling the East Kent councils that we need direct High-Speed trains to Deal (and Sandwich) - NOW!

They are conducting a survey on what people think of the new High Speed train services.
See questions 21 and 31, which give you a chance to add your own suggestions. 

Next month, Trains4deal will be at the 2nd Kent Rail Summit in Maidstone., speaking up for local rail users to Kent MPs, county councillors, key railway managers and the Department of Transport, as well as other rail user groups.

Make sure that the Survey results confirm  local people's anger at the current poor service -

Complete it NOW (and let us know what you say)

best wishes,

Tom Rowland / Ian Killbery
Join the rail-users' group for the Deal area
Campaigning for High Speed trains to Deal - NOW!

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  1. I completed it a few days ago and said that I am angry that the train service is now worse than before and why can't we have the old system back of one fast (now to St Pancras)and one slow (to charing Cross) train per hour? OR give us a properly timed connection with the train at Dover. I also commented that the trains appeared like a museum mock up inside, smelled bad and were uncomfortable.
    Of course none of this will matter because the needs of capital wins over the needs of people every time.