Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Silent wind turbine - Built in Kent

Silent wind turbine – designed & built by Kent firm

The wind turbines built by Luethi Enterprises Limited who are based in Rochester is an innovative vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) for renewable energy production with many benefits over existing wind turbine designs.

The unique patented mechanical speed regulator allows the wind turbine to function in extreme weather conditions and produce a constant flow of power. Benefits of the silent vertical axis wind turbine according to the company are:
  • Low start up speed: generates power at low wind speeds, from 3.6 m/s (8.1 mph; 13 kph; 7 knots).
  • Unique patented mechanical speed regulator: for power production in all conditions, from light winds to gales and gusts.
  • Constant power output: even at high wind speeds as it always faces into the wind.
  • Independent: as there is no electronic steering system, no power supply is needed, making it suitable for installation in remote areas. (Other turbine systems need up to 80% of their power to operate their electronics.)
  • Durable: no gearbox means easy maintenance and no expensive parts.
  • Easy to maintain: even by semi-skilled engineers.
  • No danger to wildlife: as there is no flight window for birds.
  • Virtually silent: as the blades work with the wind, rather than cut through it

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