Sunday, November 28, 2010

Deal's Big Green Experiment works !

Despite a very large wobble when the snow hit Deal first thing on Sunday we had a great day at Deal Big Green Experiment: Zero Carbon Concert at the Astor on Sunday ... according to the Astor they estimate about 300 visited the events in the afternoon and evening.

Massive thank to all those who ran stalls, played music, did the collections, gave talks, helped setup, built generators, brought food and pedalled power the music - fantastic working example what a community can do ...

Special thanks to James & the team at the Astor for being so supportative and to Will Greenham (& all those who helped him) to build our wonderful bicycle generator that is now available for community use in Deal.

Over £177 was raised for the Astor Roof Insulation Fund.

We got a number of photos at our facebook page & more to follow 

or see our flickr site at

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