Sunday, November 14, 2010

Delicious Deal - the first course!

We had a very productive day at our food themed set of workshops - 'Delicious Deal'- on Saturday at DealAbility.

We have volunteers looking at three main iniatives:

1. Food Mapping. This will be doing some research on where our food comes. Sean Furey from Protect Kent described  how this had been tackled elsewhere in Kent and the sort of 'toolkits' which are available. We hope this initiative will be extended to cover things like cost comparison between buying & eating local compared to supermarket shopping. Rose R, Diana and Rose D will be getting this off the ground

2. Baking, Cooking & Preserves. This group is about getting 'older' skills out to an new local audience. The intention to get a practical skills & recipes group going with some dropin workshops - Jay, Vicki, Helen are moving this on.

3. Grow Group - A number of related themes here with the twin objectives of getting more people in Deal Growing their own food and setting up a local Community Garden & food coop. A good discussion was had about increasing peoples knowledge about sustainable growing thats supports wildlife habitats and just getting out there and dig! A Guerrilla Gardening campiagn in the Spring following the idenfication of possible sites & assessment on impact of wildlife over winter (Keiran, Steve, Thea, Adrian), A Garden Share scheme (Sandra, Sue & Steve), Looking a Community Garden sites  in the town (Thea & Steve). Adrian & Sue are going to host a 'Grow your own' at home with a demonstration of basic gardening skills and wildlife gardening. Mapping Allotment provision locally - still looking for someone to work with Steve to do the research.

Big thank you for Vicki and Rosie for organising the venue & all the prep work, to Deal Fairtrade for the display & cakes, Kieran for the home make chocolate and all those who bought cakes to share.

If you missed the day its not too late to get involved in any of the projects just email  or give Steve a bell on 01304 372673

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