Saturday, May 21, 2011

Best of Dover&Deal Business Recycling

Welcome to Recycle for Free

Recycle for free in the Dover, Deal and Sandwich area. If you are in business make use of the unwanted goods other organisations don't need - for free.
Are you a business or organisation in the Dover, Deal or Sandwich area?
Do you regularly throw away cardboard, bubble wrap, cardboard tubes, packaging materials and other unwanted goods?
Are you paying to have these unwanted goods taken away?
You can save yourself money and recycle your unwanted goods for free. They can be used to help save other businesses in the Dover Deal and Sandwich area money.
There are businesses and organisations in the Dover Deal and Sandwich area who will take your items to recycle for free as they can make use of your unwanted goods in their own business.
Here is a list of local businesses who can recycle your unwanted goods and details of what they want.
Here is a list of local businesses and details of the unwanted goods they are throwing out.
Can you recycle your unwanted goods to help another business or organisation?
Contact any of the businesses listed in the Dover Deal and Sandwich area and start saving money and protecting environment today.
If you would like to recycle the unwanted items you are throwing out,
contact the Offices at
The Best Of Dover Deal and Sandwich
01304 362563
and get your business or organisation listed on this recycling page.

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