Friday, March 30, 2012

Save Richborough Recycling Centre

From the Richborough Action Group

The main environmental consequences of closing Richborough Recycling Centre are:

1. The increase in 'rubbish' miles travelled. For example, a Sandwich resident will typically travel 2 miles to deposit a carload of refuse and recycling at Richborough. If the HWC closes, the travel distance will typically be 12 miles (6 miles each way) to the Deal HWC.
2. Furthermore, when the Green Energy Park opens at Richborough, 'rubbish' miles for green and other carbon-based waste from Sandwich residents will be 28 miles! This waste will be re-transported by lorry from the Deal HWC back to Richborough for use in the pyrolysis plant or the anaerobic digester at the Green Energy Park.
3. Increased dangers of fly-tipping and reduced recycling amounts if people can't be bothered to travel further afield to either Deal or Margate HWCs
4. The Southwall Road tip will become considerably busier, resulting in congestion and noise to local residents.
It would be great if you could publicise the dangers in closing the Richborough HWC on your website, in your regular column for the East Kent Mercury, and in any other way that you can think of. It's particularly important that people in Deal are informed about how they may be impacted.
Many thanks, Ian Machin.

behalf of the Richborough Action Group.

Save Our Tip!

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  1. We use this site all the time, its large, clean and easy to get to. it would be so wrong to close it.The Deal site is no comparison to Richborough, and we live in Deal.