Wednesday, December 19, 2012

'Dagenham' idea of Airport off Deal

We thought that the Government's decision on the restart of fracking in Lancshire was Barking last week.... 

Well this week's idea of a Deal Airport on the Godwin Sands is at least two stops beyond that! 

Just in case you have missed it, This idea of a Heathrow replacement 7 miles off the coast on the Godwin Sands has been 'floated'.... I don't think the argument's over Lydd and Manston are fully landed yet.

All this one week after the government deciding not to make it a marine conservation zone

Whoever came up with this one must have been smoking something....

Full story in the EKM

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  1. Looks like April 1st has arrived several months early!
    Air travellers are really going to enjoy ending up in the English Channel (especially if there's gale blowing) and waiting for a "fast ferry" to Dover or Ramsgate where they can then wait for a high speed train to London.