Sunday, December 16, 2012

Victoria's Green Matters - 14th Dec 2012

Deal With IT's Secretary Victoria Nicholls writes a regular column in the East Kent Mercury: I often wish that I was a climate change denier and cared not a jot for the future of our planet. I know that I shall be long gone from this world when the most extreme effects of climate change take place so why should I worry about what will happen?

It is very easy to scoff at the evidence put forward for climate change and pretend to yourself that it isn’t really happening. Well, we’ve always had changeable weather, haven’t we? It’s not any different now, is it?

It is difficult to understand that the warming of the atmosphere, exacerbated by the carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels to enable us to follow our industrialised, energy dependant lives has and will affect the lives of millions of people around the world. Isn’t even the possibility of this not enough to encourage everyone to take steps to limit their carbon footprint?

If I didn’t care about my carbon footprint I wouldn’t have to think about how I travel, where I shop, what I buy, how I use energy and how I deal with waste, amongst other things. Thinking hard about these things and taking steps to limit your carbon footprint will restrict lots of the things you do but this is no hardship for the greater good.

Shop locally for locally grown or produced goods; grow food if you can; don’t fly when you go on holiday; don’t waste energy – these will be good for your pocket as well!

Victoria Nicholls. Transition Deal

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