Thursday, July 10, 2014

Deal With It Poppy Meadow Event

We had our Poppy Meadow event at Deal Station event on Tuesday just between two heavy rain showers. 

Despite the weather we had a reasonable and engaged gathering of about 45-50 people to listen to music of the era provided by local group The Spinning Jennys and a varied collection of WW1 poems recited by local poets and members of the Deal Station Garden group.

The evening worked really well, with a real sense of community; which one participant twitted afterwards to us as being 'beautiful, moving & memorable'.

I was great to see commuters dropping in to listen to a poem or join in with verse of a WW1 song.

Adrian and Alan from garden group also had curated a collection of 20 poems on the platforms of the Station.

This is wide collection of the famous and not so famous, from a wide array of counties, by men, women and personal contemporary ones written locally.

Again it was lovely to see people halting to read a poem on the plaform before they took their thoughts home.

We are very grateful to those who recited poems with such feeling : Alan, Adrian, Geraldine, Jane and Sarah.

A big thank you to The Spinning Jennys (Rose, Sue, Susan and Shelia) who braved the conditions and got us all joining in the songs.

Thanks to Adrian O for MCing, Sue for the nibbles, Ros & Dave from the Garden group for the tidy up as well .

At the centre was our meadow which over 30 people had come together back in March to create.

Transforming a un-loved waste land into a bee friendly, cared for space and physically marking of the centenary of WW1.

All the Photos of the event can be found here

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