Sunday, July 6, 2014

Walmer Beach Huts Campaign

*** Latest: DDC have agreed to withdraw 9 of the Huts. The lobby of Walmer Parish Council on Weds 9th July is still going ahead see EKM posting today 7thJuly

Pete St Ange at the Walmer Sea Cafe and local residents has started a petition against the number and way DDC dumped 20 huts down on Walmer's iconic beach front this week.

The twenty huts appeared in the last week and were installed by Dover District Council after DDC planning committee discussed it and delegated it to officers back in their March Planning meeting despite several members voicing concern over parking and toilet facilities.

Planning application DOV/13/01007 had been discussed and rejected by the Parish Council earlier in December 2013.

The huts are reported in the EKM as being for rent at approx. £1,200 pa.

These huts are setup in a four deep array without much space in between to see or access the sea.

This is unlike the existing ones on the beach which are only one deep with good access to the sea & arguably enhance the view.

With an estimated cost of £34k means the council is planning to make about £85k over the next 5yrs.

So they could have afforded a better outcome with a bit more thought.

Pete has an photo opportunity with local press on Monday at 4pm on Walmer seafront and asking supporters to join him.

He is taking the campaign to the next Walmer Parish Council meeting 7pm on Weds 9th July (at WPC offices on The Strand).

All those are concerned are urged to pop down sign & distribute the petition.

I like Beach Huts. But these ones demonstrate a lack of imagination and lack of respect for our 'shared space' on the sea front.


  1. Yeah - they look like an overcrowded shanty-town. There are too many - but the main issue is HOW they have been laid out... AWFUL!

  2. Thank you for sharing this issue on Deal With It - they are a complete eyesore. Too many crammed in to too small a space, without any consideration for local residents or businesses, especially the Sea Café. Not at all in keeping with the existing huts which enhance the seafront at Walmer. Your help is much appreciated. Christine Rudge

  3. What an eyesore! Couldn't actually believe what I was looking at! I do feel for Pete at the café, and yes he should get something done about this. That's what Deal is all about - taking in the sea views - hardly any sea to see with these wooden huts crammed in!

  4. This all makes a little more sense now. What a mess.

  5. As a resident of the other end of The Strand - I think these are an eyesore and when walking my dog have been frequently asked by visitors " Are they REALLY staying like THAT ?? "

    Would have made far more sense to distribute them along the beach - infilling between existing fishermans huts - or even near the paddling pool ( which would be in my sightline - so I am not being a NIMBY ! ) - and should be affordable to local residents.


  7. I thought maybe this small wooden village on the beach was a welcome to the intrepid passportless "sailors" preparing their rafts on the beaches of Calais!