Thursday, February 2, 2017

Deal Hop Farm - Community Hop Growing Project

Deal With It – Transition Deal is launching a Community Hop Growing project in the town: the Deal Hop Farm

We hope to create a patchwork hop farm made up of peoples’ gardens, allotments, and community gardens & spaces in the town. There are several similar successful schemes around the country. So far we have about 20 people interested including the English Heritage’s Walmer Castle.

We are also teaming up with Ripple Steam Brewery to help produce the beer and mentor the club on the brewing side. It may take a couple years to make our own crop viable for a commercial brewer but the end objective is to produce a locally grown Deal Beer.

We have a stall in the Landmark Garden on Saturday 4th Feb and a Launch meeting at the Lighthouse on the Strand on Thursday 9th feb at 6pm where you can find out more.

Our leaflets on the project can be found at The Lighthouse, the Green Berry, the Freed Man, The Just Reproach, The BoHo, Farrier, Das Bar, Landmark Centre, Town Hall, Golf Rd Centre

More details on our page here and at  facebook

Membership form link

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