Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Deal Hop Farm - Rhizome Pick ups

Tea break at Ripple Steam planting
The purpose of this post is to let Deal Hop Farm members know of the arrangements to pick up the Hop Rhizome that has been ordered.

(For information only if you have picked yours up already)

We have been a little overwhelmed by the response we have had locally - We have well over 100 sites and looks like we will plant about 220 plants!

This includes a fantastic diversity of sites with clusters of growers on all the allotments locally, Walmer Castle Kitchen Garden, Ripple Steam Brewery, Martha Trust, Rippledown Centre, Pines Calyx Garden, One pre-school group, Just Reproach, Lighthouse, Community gardens at the Landmark and Deal Station, people sharing gardens, others sponsoring them at the community spaces plus many, many gardens around the Town

You can see what the Deal Hop Farm looks like at our Google Map
Residents and Staff involved in Deal Hop Farm at Martha Trust

Pickups will be at the Landmark Garden (High Street Deal)

- Friday 3rd March 11-1.30pm
- Saturday 4th March 10:30 -12:30
- Friday 10th March 11-1.30pm
- Saturday 11th March 10:30-12.30

It would be very helpful if when collecting this you could bring a couple of plastic bags or a container

If this does not work for anyone let us know and will sort out another means

Stuff you should be doing Now:
1) Decide on Location for your Hop - remember they need lots of Sun & free draining soil + if you are planting more than one they need 3ft between the plants

2) Think about how or what it is to grow up

3) If planting in the ground start to prepare the ground - you may need some good compost (like John Innes No3 or similar)/Well rotted Farmyard manure/or home produced compost

4) If planting in Container - remember the bigger the better. Min of 40ltrs (At the Landmark Garden we are looking at recycling some old plastic dust bins - they hold about 100ltrs) and source new compost/manure .Remember to get some old crockery/broken pots/stones at the bottom + ensure that the bottom have good drainage holes. Don't use a pot saucer as the Hop roots do not like wet feet.

5) Please read the enclosed planting instructions - The Rhizomes are planted vertically with the crown at the top

6) have a look at the Grow Beer planting Video

7) Ideally we need to get the hops planted by mid-March

8) Take some before and after photos

9) Relax and have a beer

Launch meeting at the Lighthouse
When you pick up your Hop Rhizome, we will give you, per plant:
- Some gravel (optional: especially useful if you are using a container or have a heavy soil)
- Compost mix to put around the Rhizome (farmyard/chicken/seaweed manure) 1-2ltrs
- 5m of Hop Twine
- 1 Prima Donna Rhizome

We have plenty of Hop Twine - so if you need more you are welcome to it for a small donation (we will have it available at all the meetings in April and at Deal With iT events in the Landmark Garden)

We also have a small stock of proper Hop Pegs which the farmers use for £2 . You don't necessarily need one of these (especially if you are planting in a container) as a tent peg or similar will do

We are putting all documents on the Facebook Group DealHopFarm as well at the page on the DealWithIt website.

Please post your photos or send them to us at Info@dealhopfarm.org.uk

We are in the process to setting up the first social/talk at the end of the month - we will put out a separate email  in about a week's time

Any problems, questions (hop related please :) drop me a line here, on facebook or give us a ring - we are here to help!

Best Wishes and thank you for your support for making the Deal Hop Farm a great success

Project Co-ordinator
01304 372673

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