Sunday, April 14, 2019

Deal #BigSpringBeachClean Sunday 14th April 2019

Massive thank you to our 103+ volunteers on today's Deal Beach Clean at Sandown. 
A fantastic turnout despite that cold wind from the east! 

This was part of the national #BigSpringBeachClean happening at over 300+ beaches around the UK this weekend - organised nationally by Surfers Against Sewage environmental charity 

We collected 118kilos of rubbish, only 4kilos which we can recycle but lots and lots of smaller pieces of plastic.  

We also found lot of random stuff - Golf balls, ghost fishing tackle, one slipper, discarded angling line and a small plastic mouse, 

Thanks as always to the organising team today; Vicky, Colin, Tony, Rose, Wendy, Nick, Paul and Graham. 

Next Clean is at Walmer Castle on 27/5

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