Thursday, April 1, 2010

FOE slam new council carbon trading scheme...

Commenting on the launch of the Government's Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency scheme today, which will require both public and private sector organisations to monitor and report their emissions from energy use as part of a new UK-wide carbon trading scheme,
Friends of the Earth's economic campaigner David Powell said:
"It's right to require both the public and private sector to cut their emissions, but expecting councils to compete with companies for carbon credits is wrong in principle and wrong in practice.
"Carbon trading doesn't tackle climate change - existing schemes like the EU Emissions Trading Scheme have created empires of speculators and traders but have barely made a dent in emissions.
"Taxpayers want their money to be used to improve their local areas, not given to big business.
"The Government should instead set Local Carbon Budgets for all councils that encourage them to work alongside hospitals, banks, supermarkets and retailers to cut emissions - instead of competing against them."

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