Saturday, April 17, 2010

A roaring 'Call of the Wild' meeting....

Deal With It's 'Call of the Wild' meeting attracted over 60 people to the Landmark centre on Friday evening.

The audience listened intently to Geographer Geoff Meaden explain all the factors that are effecting Kent's coastline now & the possible impact on the next 200 years- including the fact we are still dealing with the effects of the last ice age as Kent is sinking by a few mm per year.  

Michael Walter, from RSBP national nature reserve at Blean Woods near Canterbury, detailed the changes he is witnessing & recording of the impact of climate change on insect and bird populations, migration cycles & diversity. He showed particularly how our wildlife & countryside is vulnerable to the increasing extreme climate conditions.

There was a good discussion on rising sea levels, 'Climate-gate' & Climate science and what we can do to stop climate change.

We had stalls from RSPB Canterbury, Deal Fairtrade, Kent CPRE, Deal With IT and info from the Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory & Rippledown environmental centre.

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