Sunday, April 4, 2010

Victoria's Green Matters - 8th April

Deal With IT's Secretary Victoria Nicholls writes a regular column in the East Kent Mercury:  
The Transition movement has an inspiring motto – ‘from oil dependence to local resilience’. Since the industrial revolution we have been using fossil fuels to fire up our enterprises and society has become dependent upon them. We are now approaching the end of our supplies of these fossil fuels and we must go forward to a world that is resilient to life without them, through communities that have found a better way to live.

Much is talked of Peak Oil. Doubters say that we will never run out of oil; realists know that Peak Oil refers to the ease with which oil can be extracted which is therefore related to its price. As extraction becomes more difficult, and so more costly, oil prices will rise and most other prices will follow suit. This has already started.

People who doubt that man’s actions have exacerbated climate change with the burning of fossil fuels must at least see that as prices increase, alternative sources of energy must be found and used.

The Transition movement focuses on the positive, encouraging communities to come together and work towards a post oil life. There are lots of ways that people can unite to share their skills and make their lives better. It is important that the focus is on improvement and that optimism is the overwhelming feeling.

Growing food together, either on an allotment or in gardens, is an opportunity to educate people about where food comes from for those whose only knowledge is the supermarket. Rethinking transport and moving away from the car towards walking, cycling and using buses and trains cuts carbon emissions and reduces air pollution. Working towards locally produced energy through community owned wind generation or bio fuels both cut emissions and give independence from the large generators.

Deal has the raw materials to achieve these aims and to become a Transition Town. Why not join with us and make it a reality?

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